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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 13, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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in our society with our armed services? let me know what you think of this. we will have much more on this story tomorrow. here is "studio b" with shepard smith. >>shepard: there could be more tomorrow. could it get any weirder in >>megyn: when you say that, the answer is "yes." >>shepard: thank you. the news begins anew on "studio b." the widening national security affair, the father of the biographer, the biographer, accused of having an affair with general petraeus says the story is about something bigger than the sex scandal. the father says there is a lot more here than meets the eye. what he means by that, we will try to figure out. and the investigation into the petraeus scandal threatening the
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career of another military leader, a four-star general, the top commander in afghanistan is now under investigation. we have team fox coverage from two top generals to a shirtless federal agent to a socialite from tampa. lawmakers claim the ambassador to the united nations, susan rice, misled the public when she told sunday shows the deadly attack in benghazi was response to an antimuslim video. new there is word he is line for a major promotion. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00, the cast of characters in the scandal that brought down the c.i.a. director general petraeus is growing. it now involves the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan, the general john allen who took over the job when general petraeus left it to run the c.i.a. now officials say general
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allen's nomination to become the supreme allied commander in europe is on "hold" while potentially inappropriate e-mails are being checked out, and her name is jill kelley, a friend of the petraeus family and triggered the original f.b.i. investigation that revealed the director was cheating on his wife. she contacted an at she knew, shirtless agent, claiming to have received anonymous threatening e-mails tells her to stay away from general petraeus. it is unclear but the f.b.i. found reason to open an investigation. investigators determined that the e-mails were from general's biographer paula broad wall and she and general petraeus had an fair and neither had done anything criminal but reason that are inexplicable at this moment, there is more after thousands and thousands of
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e-mails were discovered thousands and thousands of e-mails. and general allen is also married, and he defies there was an affair and denies that there was any wrongdoing. and there is another twist. sources are now telling fox news that the f.b.i. agent jill kelley contacted was booted off the case when he became obsessed with the case, and investigators discovered that he sent that shirtless photo of himself to kelley, the latest in a tangled web that the white house says it didn't learn about until election day. we are told the f.b.i. is preparing a timeline of the investigation to explain why the president and the congress were "in the dark" for so long. that sets up team fox coverage with more details on the sureless f.b.i. agent. first, to jennifer griffin working at the pentagon.
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how did both general allen and general petraeus know the woman named jill kelley? >>reporter: general allen was the deputy of general petraeus when he was the head in tampa bay, florida in 2010. jill kelley a well-known socialite in tampa bay, married to a, reunient surgeon and she hosted parties for top military brass at central command and would shop with general petraeus' wife holly, their families spent christmas together, and allen exchanged hundreds of e-mails that were 20,000 to 30,000 pages long when printed out with jill kelley and many characterized as being flirtatious but not security-related or dealing with government contracts, her end froms say they were harmless and might have included sweetheart here and there and allen insists
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he did not have a sexual affair with jill kelley and paula broadwell has hired an attorney. and her father told the newspaper that this is about something else entirely and the truth will come out. there is a lot more that going to come out. you wait-and-see. there is a lot more than meets the eye. she went running this morning but has not spoken to the press. >>shepard: we have learned that both of the generals bought involved with a custody dispute with jill kelly's sister. what is that about. >>reporter: what we have learned is that both generals wrote letters on behalf of natalie, the twin sister jill kelley involved in a bitter custody battle for her four year old son and the letters were written in september as part of the custody battle. i will read from them, one from general petraeus, or from david
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petraeus at c.i.a., "when we hosted them and her family for christmas dinner this past year, in each case, we have seen a very loving relationship. a mother working hard to provide her son enjoyable educational and development experiences, in view of this it is unfortunate in my view that her interaction with her son has been so limited by the custody settlement." general allen writes, and i quote, "natalie loves her child and cherishes each and every opportunity she has to spend with him and she is a dedicated mother in light of her maturity and commitment to raising her child, i humbly request your reconsideration of the existing mandated custody settlement." this was back in september. again, more questions about the relationship between the top military brass, jill kelley who launched the f.b.i.
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investigation that revealed the affair with birthday birthday b. >>shepard: almost too much for tv, we neat a manual to follow the characters. the mom in this case, the sister of jill kelley is said to be unfit mom and the judge awarded custody to the kid's father and she wanted custody back. why these two generals, two of the top generals in all of the united states military got involved with the custody, there is something there. we don't know what, yet. the father of the general petraeus biographer, paula broadwell suggested that this story is all a coverup for something bigger. according to the report he said, again, this is about something else entirely and the truth will come out. you wait-and-see. there is a lot more than meet
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meets the eye. everyone who is involved with this seems to think that is true. white house officials today, for the first time, explained why the feds waited months to notify them about this affair. and catherine is live in washington, dc, what did the white house have to say about a timeline? >>reporter: on notification, the white house spokesman saying the buck stops with the bureau. >> they have as i understand it, protest calm in place for when they notify the legislative and executive branch of an investigation. it is simply a fact that the white house was not aware of the situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday and the situation regarding general allen until friday, so, the f.b.i., in terms an explanation of the protocol they follow.
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>>reporter: the democrat chair of the senate intelligence committee is threatening to subpoena a c.i.a. report summarizing general petraeus' report to libya when he looked into the consulate attack. >> there is no reason this report shouldn't be part of that discussion sooner rather than later. i agree with senator feinstein. it is hard to come up with any legitimate reason not to know what general petraeus saw and learned when he was in libya. >> a complicated factor is that virtually every player involved in this scandal is under investigation or recently under investigation, the fbi agent who tipped off about the harassing e-mails, that is the subject of an f.b.i. personally review for sending the shirtless pictures of himself to jill kelley. >>shepard: and general petraeus testified during the attack in benghazi it was substituted off by a protest against the video.
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general petraeus said that. he is scheduled to testify again on this same manner. now we know that is not the truth. suddenly, general petraeus has resigned amid a sex scandal, and he doesn't have to testify, the in untwo guy will testify because he is number one. and congress is not buying it. >>reporter: well, also, the white house briefing spokesman was asked whether general petraeus should be required to testify on capitol hill rather than acting director of the c.i.a. who has been on the hill, today, briefing the minority leaders of the house of representatives and senate suggesting that general petraeus insight was not mandatory. >> i would say to things, it is up to congress to make decisions about who was called to testify. but the president is confident the countying director is fully informed and capable of representing of the c.i.a. in a hearing about the incident at benghazi. >>reporter: some say they have to hear from general petraeus so he can explain why these days
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after the attack he responded to lawmakers saying it was like a flash mob and why he was wedded to the explanation of the administration it was linked to the antiislam video. >> i have been presented the information to congress september 14 and whether he has been told or learn by that he was under session, either consciously or subconsciously that could have changed the information he gave to congress and it is possible he didn't want to create controversy so this has to be factored in. there is no way anyone who have more access than general petraeus. he has to testify. >>reporter: there is a push not only from republicans but from democrats, now, to get the former c.i.a. director to testify if not this week which seems unlikely but in the near future. >>shepard: back to you for discussions in a bit but, first, we bring in an investigative reporter for the "washington
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post", and a three time pulitzer prize winner and broke the story that general petraeus wanted to keep the affair a secret and stay on as director of the c.i.a. what was his reasoning for wanting to keep this a secret and stay on as director? >>guest: well, what we are being told, both from law enforcement officials and from people close do him, his friends who we quoted by name, is that he was aware of this investigation, the f.b.i. interviewed him, they told him there would not be criminal charges, the f.b.i. let him know that they were not asking for his resignation and top officials would not ask for the resignation so we are being told we he planned to stay on the job, because there would not be criminal champions and at that point it didn't look like the story would become public. >>shepard: at very beginning when this was a question about
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e-mails, harassing e-mails, and it was determined as a matter of fact by the authorities that a crime had not been committed, why, then, did the investigation move forward rather than staying internal and become public? >>guest: that is an excellent question. we are still trying to answer that question. what we are told, throughout the summer there was an investigation in cyber crime unit in tampa, florida, of the f.b.i., because the f.b.i. agent who was a friend of jill kelley brought the threatening e-mails to the division in tampa. they began looking into it and then it came to the federal prosecutors in tampa who decided after looking at the cyberbullying and cyber crime laws there was not a crime. they also, after discovering the relationship with general petraeus and birthday wall and the connection with broadwell and the e-mails looked whether broadwell, rather, general petraeus was involved and could be charged with a crime. they determined no criminal charges so, then, the question
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is, why are they continuing the investigation? why are there interviews until the election? we are told today that this is still an open investigation. that the f.b.i. is continuing to do interviews and this explains the search of broadwell's house last night where f.b.i. agents came with boxes and tough -- tough fell bags do get her documents and wanting to see if there was classified information given to broadwell or others. >>shepard: thank you, sari. we will continue the discussion in a moment. a scandal of this level at the top ranks of the united states military, the f.b.i., and the c.i.a. fortable. fortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener.
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be happy. be healthy. >>shepard: continuing coverage of the scandal that brought down the c.i.a. director and threatens to do more. our correspondent is on this, catherine and jennifer.
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each is in washington, dc, as this moment to continue this. it is hard to figure out where to start but among those things which don't make a lot of sense, and jennifer, i will start with you, linda kelley who initially said to the shirtless -- jill kelley, who says to the shirtless guy, we need to investigate the e-mails, and now we have learned, and they were involved in these parties and all the rest. >>reporter: just remember, her family was involved in a very bitter custody dispute at that time. she starts getting anonymous e-mails saying stay away from these generals, starting to use some of her relationships and things against her. there is some degree of concern, she doesn't know where they coming from, from dummy accounts set up and we later find out by paula broadwell who jill kelley didn't know was having an affair
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with general petraeus who kelley is family friends with. this is like an onion unravelling and i believe jill kelley was worried about safety of her family and she told the file agent she was concerned and he was obsessed with her and he got too obsessed so the f.b.i. took him off the case and started sending shirtless pictures to her of him, and this started as a cyberbullying case and the file started looking into it and e-mails they found the c.i.a. director was involved and they were concerned that somebody might be trying to blackmail him so they had to dig further and that is when they unraveled the broadwell affair and then the issue of kelley's e-mails to general allen came out and it is going on and on and on from there. >>shepard: am i to believe from the information we have so
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far, that when she said, i am getting the weird e-mails she may not have thought the people investigating the e-mails would find 30,000ages of e-mails on her own account? >>reporter: what is striking in the reporting to us is that she made a complaint about the harassing e-mails and it was unclear why she got such immediate attention to her complaints because frankly if every citizens was making complaints to the f.b.i. --. >>shepard: i could go on for two hours. >>reporter: now we understand she had an "in" a connection to an f.b.i. agent and actually what we are seeing play out here in a very high profile way is this very involved social network in the military and, also, the connection to the f.b.i. she gets immediate action on a tip because she has a friend and he is withdrawn from the case for allegations that he has become obsessed with her but it
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moves up the chain quickly, based on our reporting you can surmise it moved quickly up the chain because general petraeus and paula broadwell came to the front of the situation as well. >>shepard: what is clear to all involved or in the reporting of this, there are pieces of this that we don't have and now paula broadwell's the mistress number one, her father says you bet there are pieces you don't have and it is about something else entirely. do either of you have any intelligence in to whatever this other thing may be? >>reporter: one thing that is interesting, and your last guest touched on this, we thought yesterday this f.b.i. investigation was closed. we were told there had been no security broach found when they investigated general petraeus and broadwell and then you see the f.b.i. agents showing up at broadwell's house last night and essentially there could be a concern because of kelley's relationship to all the powerful
3:22 pm
commanders and heads of the c.i.a. that maybe some sort of foreign agency could be involve ed. i would argue --. >>shepard: back in a second. uh, i'm in a timeout because apparently riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>>shepard: we are scheduled to speak with a reporter who broke part of the story for the "wall street journal" but jennifer griffin just said in her reporting that there was original concerns that this could be a foreign entity or foreign agency involved and that is why they continued the investigation, not that they still think that. i think. jennifer, this was talked about on friday? >>reporter: let me clarify what i was suggesting.
3:26 pm
it is not based on -- what i wanted to say was, yesterday we were told that the f.b.i. investigation into whether there was any classified security broaches by, between general petraeus and broadwell, they felt the case was pretty much closed and they did not find any breaches and then we see the f.b.i. at her house last night, rather, at paula broadwell's house and it raises questions and we find out that general allen is involved with e-mails, 20,000 or 30,000 pages of e-mail s from jill kelley who has an unnatural access to all of the top sent -- commanders serving in the tampa bay area so there could be a concern and certainly the reason the investigation is still open, is that there are some unanswered questions and one of those questions is, could there be a foreign entity, possibly trying to use or leverage the
3:27 pm
relationships or potentially blackmail some of the powerful military and intelligence, leaders in this country. it is not clear highway they are getting along with that investigation. and i have heard that they also want to see whether the general petraeus and broadwell affair really did, in fact, begin two months after he took over at c.i.a. and did not begin earlier when he was in afghanistan because there would be different implications should it have begun earlier because he would have fallen under the military's uniform code of military justice and there are implications for that and the question is, whether both of them may have lied about the affair and that has implications for the f.b.i. >>shepard: to be clear if there was an affair when he was in the military, it could fall under the military code of justice and he could be prosecuted and sent to prison.
3:28 pm
>>reporter: absolutely, not necessarily prison but usually what would happen he is retired he would be brought back to active duty and demoted, perhaps the pay docked and there are implications and there are cases in which that has happened. >>shepard: for now there is in reason to believe it began before then so we will move on. the congress, and others are very upset new they didn't know about this. what we are told at this moment, the reporting of this moment, that the white house didn't necessity until part of this was election day and another part right before we knew and the congress never knew at all and the big four on each side, who are supposed to find anything else didn't know anything, including senator feinstein and he is not happy. >>reporter: the notification issue is the issue that has a lot of traction going forward. title 50, subsection 413 (a) we reported on your show yesterday,
3:29 pm
that stipulates the investigating bodies shall inform the intelligence committees of ongoing operations. now, you can talk about the word whether this tries to an intelligence operation but it is clear the spirit of the section 413 is that there is disclosure to the intelligence committees. there was not notification to the chair and ranking member of the house of representatives and senate senate intelligence committees. that is important because fox was first to report on september 14, the c.i.a. director, david petraeus, briefed lawmakers that benghazi was very much a flash mob. it was linked to the anti-islam video and he seemed wedded to the administration's explanation about the attack and an hour ago i spoke with congressman peter king and he said he now has serious questions over whether those statements were made at a time that c.i.a. director
3:30 pm
understood that he was under investigation by the f.b.i. and whether there was any compromising of his statements or his professional activists. we don't know the answer to that question, but this is the optic through which lawmakers are now seeing the director's statements about benghazi and only director petraeus can explain why his position was so inconsistent with the intelligence available about benghazi and the statements made to lawmakers early that week by the f.b.i. and briefers from the national counter terrorism center. this is really going to the heart of this. right here. did he know he was under investigation? did that affect his professional performance or his statements to congress about benghazi. >>shepard: thank you very
3:31 pm
much. you get the implication. he told us something that now the evidence suggests was not true and now he is out, therefore, it cannot be compelled to testify because he is no longer head the agency and susan rice said the same thing on the sunday morning shows and she is up to be the next secretary of state. those are the two people who came out and said what we enjoy know was not true. and that's where we are as the f.b.i. investigated the head of the c.i.a. and none of the big people found out. we know the f.b.i. hates the c.i.a. it always has. but we have no idea where this is going but one of the main players in all of this, paula broadwell's father tells us you don't yet know what happened. the general, the socialite, the biographer, and the shirtless f.b.i. agent, next we will speak
3:32 pm
with the reporter who found out about the shirtless f.b.i. agent.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage on the file agent and socialite who triggered the investigation that came to involve now former c.i.a. director david petraeus.
3:36 pm
she told the agent she was getting harassing e-mails and referred to the case to cyber crimes. sources say investigate gates later determined they were from general petraeus' mistress paula broadwell. but the f.b.i. agent got kicked off the case before any of it went public. the "wall street journal" reports his superiors thought he was obsessed with it and learned he sent shirtless photographs of himself to the socialite. according to the reporting of the "wall street journal" he went to a republican lawmaker saying he was concerned the fbi was going do sweep it under the rug. a reporter from the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. joins us from the newsroom from new york. thank you. you are upset, correct me if i'm wrong, my understanding is she is upset about harassing e-mails so she goes to the shirtless guy and says help me with this. >>guest: the shirtless photos,
3:37 pm
the f.b.i. supervisionors are not aware of that. >>shepard: that is how she knew. >>guest: they were friends. it is still unclear exactly what sort of friends they were, but she goes to him, and he essentially refers to the whole issue to the cyber crimes investigation people and they start their own investigation and they uncover this affair between general petraeus and miss broadwell. >>shepard: what they don't uncover is any criminal wrongdoing and as you move along it is like dominoes a new one has to fall and each time there are questions about, can you do that, government? >>guest: right. one of odd pieces of the case, each time the f.b.i. opened the door they found something that was weird and messy and possibly criminal but the more they want into it they decided this wasn't a crime committed. for instance, they start with the concern that someone could be hacking into general
3:38 pm
petraeus' e-mail and they figured that wasn't true. they shared an account. and then they find classified documents on broadwell's computer and that concerns them and they decide, no, it probably didn't come from general petraeus but they keep going on and on and on and on and look more and more into their lives because they feel like they have to figure out what is going on. what you are left is a lot of people who know each other. >>shepard: i am confident it is possible that paula broadwell's father is telling the absolute truth, it is possible that he absolutely believes there is more to this and this is about something else but from what we know so far it looks like what we have they poked and found nothing. they poked and found nothing, they kept poking and finding nothing and now we have 20,000 or 30,000 e-mails, appear affair, a shirtless f.b.i. agent, a solvite from tampa, and two generals, one is down the other on the way, and nothing has happened but the government got into our bedroom where it did not belong. that's the reason, that's the reason that the constitution
3:39 pm
says the government cannot do that. now, they are doing one of two things and i want your help: they are either have something, that we don't know about or they are looking for something to justify what they have done. if it is the latter they have problems. >>guest: look, i think there are a lot of questions that are going to be put to the bureau and the bureau will have to answer. from my understanding from my reporting the bureau's bureau is this: we kept finding things that remain alarming not because they would be alarming for any individual but they were alarming for these specific individuals with these specific security responsibilities. >>shepard: we will know more soon every new day brings new stuff and it has been fascinating. we will watch for your reporting, delvin. >> there are now reports that susan rice the u.s. ambassador to the united nations and one of first u.s. officials to speak about the attack in benghazi
3:40 pm
could still get a major promotion to the secretary of state. this, we think; a trial balloon. a few days after the attack she told fox news sunday and four other morning shows on sunday that the assault unfolded from a spontaneous protest over an antiislamic video. we have learned there was in protest at all outside that consulate. and if the obama administration classified the attack as "act of terror" the first 48 hours so before she said that. today the white house defended ambassador rice and their own response to the violence. >> ambassador rice has done an excellent job as the united states ambassador to the united nations. i believe and i know he believes everyone here working for him has been transparent in the way we have tried to answer questions about what happened in benghazi. >>shepard: secretary of state, hillary clinton says she will
3:41 pm
step down soon after president obama's inauguration next year. and now, james is live on capitol hill. what is the thinking in washington, dc, about whether s rice could survive a confirmation hearing for the job? >>reporter: the leaks from senior officials that generated the stories were designed to gauge how much resistance ambassador rice will face in the not. a republican senator told me today there would be "an organized effort by a number of senators to make sure susan rice is not confirmed." the u.n. ambassador has had little to say publicly since september 16 when she pressed that narrative of the attacks in libya since discounted as false. >> does the president have confidence that susan rice could pass senate confirmation for any post? >> i will not engage in speculation about personnel matters. the president believes that ambassador rice has done an
3:42 pm
excellent job and is grateful for her service. >>reporter: other reports suggest the she could be named national security advisor a post that does not require senate confirmation. >>shepard: there were suggestions, james, maybe trial balloons, john kerry, former vice presidential candidate could be up for the secretary of state job and he could be appointed to a different cabinet point; that right? >>guest: as chair of the senate foreign relations committee, john kerry has traveled the globe and serves asen unofficial diplomat for the obama administration but the latest reports have john kerry being tapped to head the pentagon as secretary of defense, some lawmakers openly wander whether someone who famously threw away the medals he was awarded for service in vietnam could credibly serve in a post where he himself would be awards the medals today. >> there would be significant
3:43 pm
concerns along the lines you raise about senator john kerry jerk as secretary of defense and i don't see those concerns as secretary of state and i have worked with senator john kerry on the foreign relations committee and who would be able to be confirmed as secretary of state. >>reporter: the white house is not commenting on the trial balloons. >>shepard: james rosen, thank you. a good chance you have it in a computer right now, the security software that the cops believe they want to question the man, cops in belize want to question the map after his neighbor was suddenly dead. and this guy has a story. you probably have not heard it, mr. security man. it is no david petraeus and the singlite but it is very good.
3:44 pm
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>>shepard: dead dogs, a dead neighbor and lots of problems. police want to question a well-known tech millionaire about a murder and now he fears for his life. john mcafee, you probably know that name tied to your computer, 100 million computer systems have the so the wear to protect you against virus. he left the company in 1994 and got rich along the way. investigators say a louse keeper found the neighbor dead on sunday with a shotgun wound and his dogs everyone dead and the victim's computer and phone were missing and now cops say mcafee is a "person of interest" now. now, john mcafee called a reporter and he said he had gone into hiding because if police found him they would kill him. he reportedly said he buried himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head.
3:48 pm
and now we have a freelance reporter who visited john mcafee in april at his home in belize and broke the story of the murder. i understand this guy is known as a serial compulsive liar. >>reporter: when i first started writing stories about him in 2007 he was a larger than life character who was known for security and but the more i follow the story, he unraveled. >> his dogs are dead and the neighbor is dead and the cops seem to think they want to talk to him about the dead neighbor but he is trying to say, look, someone was trying to kill me and got the neighbor by accident. >>guest: exactly. he says that and kind of secret swat team from the belize government came in and shot his dogs. it is known that he had a long standing dispute with his
3:49 pm
neighbor. mcafee has been packing heat for some time on the beach and town and scaring people of the community so it's obviously not entirely what he is saying. >>shepard: rather than go to authorities he gave you a ring. >>guest: no, he talked to another reporter but his version of events is that he is innocent but listen, one of mcafee's hobbies is telling tall tales to reporters. he minds enjoyment in it. you need to know that. listen, i would be surprised if he was actually buried in the sand up to his neck. that doesn't seem to be a very good strategy. >>shepard: the police want to talk to him? >>guest: very much. >>shepard: if we still would use the word "suspect" in after
3:50 pm
o.j. world, it would be a world to be used. >>guest: he is a suspect. there are some interesting conclusions to reach. >>shepard: we will watch for it. thank you, appreciate it. two weeks ago millions in hurricane sandy's path wondered when the power might come back on. today, a lot of them are still wondering when their power might come on. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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>>shepard: and there are lawsuits in new york and a broken jaw over no lights on on long island and the companies are accused of negligence. the companies were unprepared and mismanaged the restoring of the.
3:54 pm
the long island power authority has restored power to 1.1 million homes and businesses but 20,000 customs don't have power. cops on long island are looking for a man accused of punching a utility worker in the face and breaking his jaw. he said the attacker was upset over the power problem. and jonathan hunt is out on long island for us this afternoon, rather, if brooklyn this afternoon. the power is mostly become, but, still, a lot of problems. right? >>jonathan: there are a lot of problems. there are a lot of apartment buildings like these behind me here in coney island and a lost them are public housing projects and a lot of people are in the apartment buildings who simply do not have the ability to help themselves when they are hit by a disaster like the super storm that hit two weeks ago. that is where the national guard comes in. we tagged along with members of
3:55 pm
the national guard as they went through some of the buildings going door-to-door knocking on every door and asking people what they need and if they needed anything, delivering them nation from medical supplies to food, to water and as one of the sergeants said it is easier for them since they got some power back on so the elevators in the buildings are working again. listen. >> now the electricity is turning back on they have more entertainment but they have been restored water so they have doled water, they are able to drink the water and they do not need us so much for water but we are here to help with the medical situations with prescriptions and other medical attention and prior food. >> the work is easier for you with will elevators working, but it is a long haul. >>guest: it is easier not having to run up-and-down 25
3:56 pm
floors. >>shepard: volunteers have been busy, i hear? >>jonathan: real busy after checking 21,000 homes. this station is serving hot meals and they have been throughout the day here handing out water, canned goods, cleaning equipment, to anyone what needs it and packing up now for the day but throughout the days, hundreds is lined up for help they desperately need. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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